• Call for Nominations – 5th Annual Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award

    It’s that time of the year again! The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is pleased to announce nominations are open for our 5th annual Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award, presented annually in recognition of in-depth and thoughtful coverage of environmental issues in New Brunswick.

    Call for Nominations – 5th Annual Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award
  • Preparing for #BetterThanNormal

    The Conservation Council of New Brunswick marked Earth Week by calling for an economic recovery plan for New Brunswick that ensures our communities are more secure, safe, healthy and resilient in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Add your voice to our call for a #BetterThanNormal New Brunswick!

    Preparing for #BetterThanNormal
  • For the love of New Brunswick

    We know climate change is threatening the things we love doing in New Brunswick.

    The good news is there are solutions to lower the pollution causing climate change and keep our families and communities safe from the extreme weather it causes.

    Check out our new section, For the Love of New Brunswick, to see how you can be part of the solution!

    For the love of New Brunswick
  • Wetlands work for us

    Bog. Fen. Swamp. Marsh.

    These words may bring to mind images of stagnant, slimy and muddy water — but the truth is these different types of wetlands are a huge part of what makes life in New Brunswick so great.

    Wetlands work for us
  • Fresh tomatoes in January, anyone?

    New Brunswick PhD student’s ‘climate battery’ greenhouse grows fresh produce year-round The food we eat has a substantial impact on the environment, therefore sustainable food production is a fundamental aspect of addressing climate change. Eating locally grown food is a great way to support climate-smart agriculture, and to mitigate the environmentally-destructive impacts of large-scale food… [Continue Reading]

    Fresh tomatoes in January, anyone?

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Where our forest is being sprayed this summer

The map showing where the forests will be sprayed with herbicides during summer 2020 is now available. Forestry companies spray large swaths of clearcuts with products containing glyphosate — a chemical linked to cancer and a slew of other health problems — beginning in August and continued through September. The full 2020 spray map is [...]

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Poll shows overwhelming support for Milltown Dam removal

Survey finds broad support for restoration of free flow on the lower St. Croix River ST. ANDREWS — A new poll shows an overwhelming majority of people living in St. Stephen and surrounding communities support NB Power’s plan to remove the Milltown Dam, restoring free flow to approximately 15-kilometers of the lower St. Croix River, […]