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Nominate a natural area for protection

The provincial government has added new candidate areas to its online portal where New Brunswick citizens, Indigenous peoples, and conservation groups can nominate the natural places they love for protected areas status. 

This second round of public comments runs until March 31, 2021 and covers 78,000 hectares of new Candidate Conserved Areas.

You’ll remember that polling we conducted with allies this past fall showed that 87 per cent of New Brunswickers want the government to keep its protected areas promise, and that 68 per cent want the government to go even further— 25 per cent by 2025. 

It’s time to act for a better protected Acadian Forest. 

Featured letter-writing campaigns


Send your #CleanEnergy letter

Use our letter-writing tool to call on the Premier for an affordable, reliable, sustainable electricity system in New Brunswick and a review of NB Power’s latest Integrated Resource Plan.


Send your #ClimateAction letter

Use our letter-writing tool to tell the Premier how climate change makes you feel on a personal level. We strongly encourage you to add your story of how climate change is affecting you or your family, how it makes you feel and your concern for its present and the future impacts.


Send your #StopSpraying letter

Use our letter-writing tool to tell your MLA, the provincial government, and all party leaders to ban the spraying of our forest. Our pre-written letter will get you started, but we encourage you to add your comments on spraying and large-scale clearcutting and how it has affected you.


#BetterThanNormal: sign on to our call for a safer, healthier, more resilient N.B.

More than two dozen organizations and hundreds of New Brunswickers have signed on to the letter in support of a #BetterThanNormal recovery in New Brunswick. Add your name here!

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