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Acadian Artist — Mario Doiron

My name is Mario Doiron but folks call me Monsieur Cârotte. I’m an Acadian, self-taught figurative painter working with acrylics on canvas in Champdoré, New Brunswick. There, I manage a self-sufficient rural homestead and a thriving 25 acre woodland.

My background has been in graphic design and commercial illustration in screen-printing for 20 years. Since 2013, I have worked as an environmental technician, organic gardener, food security project coordinator, became a radio personality and amateur filmmaker. These varied life experiences inform a unique perspective on art, modern culture and its relationship with the environment.

My art practice is an exploration of relationships between diverse natural elements interacting together to create harmony, balance, and grace. The representational aspect of my paintings celebrates the beauty of the natural world, highlighting its innate value and the need to preserve it.

Take a look at Mario Doiron's featured artwork:

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