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Fredericton-based Artist — Ysabelle Vautour

Ysabelle Vautour is the founder of the NB Disability Art Collective. Her practice varies in medium but often revolves around the connection between the physical navigation of space and the emotional experience of the world. A current resident of Fredericton, Ysabelle is an alumna of the Festival Inspire Muralist Training Program, Sync Leadership, and Catapult Art Accelerator.  She has also served as the artist residence at the Fredericton Arts Alliance, Fredericton Botanical Gardens, Connexion Artist Run Center, and Hammock Residency.

Recipient of the Jane Leblanc Award in Visual Arts. She stars in the AMI television documentary !00% Passion Portrait d’Ysabelle Vautour.

She has been a part of several projects: The Healing power of Nature, Healing the Land Healing Ourselves.

Take a look at Ysabelle Vautour's featured artwork:

Take a look at Ysabelle Vautour's featured videos:

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