Governments can do their part

We have the power to turn the climate crisis around

We can all play our part in solving climate change.

If we act now, we can lower the risk from extreme events.

We need governments to change policies and laws and so we can shift New Brunswick to affordable, reliable, and renewable sources of electricity and make transportation non-polluting. 

We can invest in flood prevention and protect people from heatwaves and ticks. We can conserve forests and make agriculture more sustainable. 

When we make these changes, we all benefit from cleaner, healthier air and water, and a safer climate. Investing in a clean electricity system and protecting nature also means we can have careers that make a positive impact on our lives today and into the future.

Change is not easy. With hard work, we can persevere to make the next 10 years the turnaround decade.

The next 10 years can make all the difference according to climate scientists. If we work together for real change, we can solve this. We can still write the story we want to tell our grandchildren about how we came together to solve the climate crisis. Let’s get started. 

Use our letter-writing tools below to call on the government to build a reliable, affordable, renewable electricity system in New Brunswick. Our pre-written letter will get you started, but we encourage you to edit it freely and add your own ideas for climate solutions or your experience with climate change and extreme weather.

Use our other letter-writing tool to tell the Premier how climate change makes you feel on a personal level. We strongly encourage you to add your story of how climate change is affecting you or your family, how it makes you feel and your concern for its present and the future impacts.

Share your letter with friends and family to let them know you care or are concerned about climate change. Knowing others share our concerns, helps all of us feel connected to each other and feel more confident we can solve problems together. Start today, share your letter with friends and family and on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (and be sure to tag us, @conservationcouncil on Facebook, @cc_nb on Twitter and @conservationcouncilnb on Instagram).

Send your letters, for the Love of New Brunswick​

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      You’ve read what governments can do to help solve climate change. See what you can do by exploring the sections below:

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      Governments can do their part

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