From Harm to Harmony

Community Art Project

Inspiring Action. Nurturing Artists. Building Community

About From Harm To Harmony

From Harm to Harmony is a collaborative climate action art project, funded by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB), and led by our Director of Climate Engagement and Campaign, Danielle Smith, as well as BC-based community-engaged artists, Juliana Bedoya and Laura Barron, in collaboration with artists and activists across New Brunswick. Since mid-2020, these artists have met regularly online, harnessing each of their mediums to individually and collectively address climate change. 

Through a variety of media and techniques (including songwriting, poetry, carving, embroidery, weaving, digital art, painting, rug hooking, video production, wool felting, and more), their work offers varying perspectives on the natural world and the challenges that our society faces today. Through these regular sessions, participants have co-created a virtual space where they feel comfortable sharing their concerns and their own eco-anxiety, with a focus on taking action to help diminish their worries about the environment.

From Harm to Harmony


These videos made by the members of our community art project explore how local artists are using their art to foster positive emotions in the face of climate anxiety, and a harmonious vision for our future.

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