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Beverly (Bev) Gingras

Executive Director

Beverly (Bev) Gingras is our Executive Director. Before joining the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, Bev worked for Ducks Unlimited Canada as Head of Boreal Conservation Programs where she led their Forest Management And Wetland Stewardship Initiative and developed the Wetland Best Management Practices Program.

With Master’s degree in Environmental Biology and Ecology from the University of Alberta, Bev has served in a variety of roles in the academic, governmental, and not-for-profit sectors where she has managed science-based projects and programs, led multi-stakeholder teams, and provided guidance to government personnel and industry representatives. Bev enjoys camping, gardening and exploring the natural areas of New Brunswick with her husband Chris and two dogs, Rose and Biggie Smalls.

Stephanie Phillips


Stephanie Phillips is our Office Manager and Financial Administrator. Stephanie brings a wealth of financial experience to our office as a long-time financial manager at Fredericton’s former York Credit Union where she oversaw her client’s unique financial needs. Stephanie manages our daily finances, office accounts, scheduling and general administrative duties.

As woodlot owners, Stephanie and her husband, Dan Phillips, have a keen interest in forestry related matters as well as a great concern for our planet’s overall health. When you hear her voice on the other end of the line, you know you’re talking to New Brunswicker with a passion for the sustainable management of our forests and the jobs they create.

Matt Abbott

Marine Program Director

Matt Abbott has been with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick since 2010, and is the Marine Conservation Director and Fundy Baykeeper. Matt works out of the Conservation Council’s marine conservation office in St. Andrews. Matt works to find practical and creative solutions to the complex environmental challenges facing New Brunswick’s coastal ecosystems and communities.

These challenges all occur in the context of climate change and range from industrial pollution to depletion of marine species and inadequate environmental laws (or insufficient enforcement of existing laws). Solutions range from advocacy campaigns to policy engagement to direct restoration efforts. Matt welcomes pollution reports by email.

Moe Qureshi

Director of Climate Research and Policy

Moe Qureshi is a renewable energy expert, scientist, and active conservationist who has worked with environmental non-profits and NGOs for over a decade. He has sat on the Sustainable Development Advisory Council for Environment Canada and is currently a Board Member for Ontario Nature. Specializing his Chemistry PhD in renewable energy, he is passionate about converting the energy sector to a net-zero carbon economy. In his spare time, Moe enjoys road trips, hiking, and spending time in the great outdoors.

Nadine Ives

Learning Outside Director

Nadine Ives is our Learning Outside Project Director. Nadine has a PhD in hardwood tree ecology and has been involved in nature education in various forms for over 24 years (from school visits and nature walks to writing for the general public and facilitating workshops to university teaching). She is a member of the Sustainability Education Alliance of NB (SEA-NB) and the NB Biodiversity Collaborative. Sharing her love and appreciation for the natural world has long been a part of everything Nadine does. She greatly enjoys being able to help children and their teachers explore and learn about the natural world.

Danielle Smith

Director of Climate Engagement and Campaigns

Danielle Smith is the Citizen’s Engagement Manager at CCNB. She has a Master of Science in Forestry with a focus on Ecology and Wildlife Management. Danielle has over 15 years of experience in the Educational and Environmental Sectors. She is responsible for the creation, development and direction of the UNB Sustainability office.

Danielle is also a professional environmentally engaged fiber artist.She uses art as a mechanism to engage communities in conversations around the impacts of climate change to create a sense of wonder and to urge people to connect with their communities and the natural world. Danielle lives in New Maryland with husband Mark and her two dogs.

Corey Robichaud


Corey Robichaud is the Conservation Council’s Director of Communications. A New Brunswick local, Corey is a graduate of St. Thomas University’s Communications and Journalism program and an alumni of the Katimavik youth volunteer program. Corey lives in Fredericton where he’s worked at the the Conservation Council since 2016.

Kyle Reid


Kyle Reid is the Conservation Council’s Communications Officer. Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, Kyle is a Memorial University and College of the North Atlantic graduate. He has worked as a local journalist in three provinces, most recently in Prince Edward Island. 

Kyle is passionate about highlighting the harmful local effects of climate change. Through his work, he wants to call attention to the unique environmental challenges and opportunities faced by the province of New Brunswick. 

Zoey McNamara

Social media specialist

Zoey McNamara is the Social Media Specialist for the Conservation Council. She is studying Political Science and Environment and Society at St. Thomas University in Fredericton. Zoey is interested in the social justice of climate change. In her free time she likes to read, crochet, and go on walks.

Madiha Kantroo

Citizen's engagement officer

Madiha Kantroo is the Citizens’ Engagement Officer at the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. Having completed her Bachelor’s in Agriculture from SKUAST, Kashmir, she was moved by her upbringing and personal experience witnessing the destructive effects of climate change, which drove her to pursue a Masters in Environmental Management from UNB.

Alongside her academic pursuits, Madiha co-owns a small clothing brand in Kashmir where she channels her love for designing traditional Kashmiri clothes. When she’s not busy with her work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and taking long walks in nature.

Faith Mambo

Energy and Climate Change Coordinator

Faith Mambo is the Conservation Council’s Energy and Climate Change Coordinator. A dedicated advocate for environmental sustainability, Faith graduated from the University of New Brunswick with first-class honours in the fields of political science and environmental studies.

Her commitment to the environment drives her to actively contribute to conservation efforts. Faith is passionate about raising awareness of environmental issues, fostering community engagement and driving positive change.

She also volunteers for Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Canadian Red Cross. Faith finds joy in outdoor activities like hiking and tubing in her leisure time and embraces the opportunity to explore different cultures through travel.

Autumn Downey

Climate Change Coordinator

Autumn Downey is the Climate Change Coordinator at the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. As a New Brunswick local, she completed her Bachelor of Science Honours in Chemistry at UNB and is committed to building a sustainable future. 

Autumn is actively engaged in the Canadian Conservation Corps program, where she gained Project Wild Instructor and Basic Archery Instructor credentials and certification in Wilderness/Remote Location First Aid.

Amanda Page

Ecological Forestry Researcher

Amanda Page brings a passion for sustainable land and aquatic management. Amanda recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology at the University of New Brunswick, where she specialized in Ecology, and minored in psychology in order to understand both the human and biological components of conservation. Currently, Amanda is completing her Master of Environmental Management through UNB. Her favourite pass time is bird watching in both marine and forested environments.

As the Ecological Forestry Researcher, Amanda will support the Conservation Council’s Forest Conservation Program by conducting research on ecological impacts of forestry practices and contributing to the development of community forestry programs.

Louise Comeau

Director of climate solutions

Louise Comeau directs the Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s Climate Change and Energy Solutions program. Dr. Comeau has almost 30 years’ experience in analyzing and developing climate change policy, communications, and solutions-related programming. She holds a doctorate in environmental management, focused on environmental ethics and behaviour change from UNB. Louise lives in Keswick Ridge with her partner Tom. She has received two Queen’s citizenship medals for her work in international climate negotiations and creation of Green Municipal Fund and other sustainability programming at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Louis-Charles Vaillancourt

Research Assistant

Louis-Charles Vaillancourt is a research assistant with the Conservation Council. He is studying political science at the University of New Brunswick. He is mostly interested in the political aspect of climate and energy issues. He joined CCNB in 2022, as one of the youngest members of the team. Louis-Charles is from Québec and is also interested in the impact of language on different political issues

Vincent Scully

Marine Specialist

Vincent Scully graduated in 2021 with a B.A. in Environment and Geography at Bishop’s University. Although he was born and raised in Quebec, he considers Saint John as a second home because of his father’s roots in the area. Before starting as a summer marine specialist with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, he has been a climate change communications intern with ACAP Saint John for the past year. He is excited to work with the Conservation Council to restore fish population and advocate for our coastal waters. 

Vincent enjoys playing his ukulele, reading books, the outdoors, and learning about climate change and other environmental issues.

Elizabeth Gresh

Energy and Climate Solutions Consultant

Elizabeth Gresh, a Consultant in Energy and Climate Solutions at the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, has dedicated over 15 years of her career to advancing climate action through education, outreach, and advocacy. Her academic background includes a Masters in Environmental Studies, a diploma in Business and the Environment, and Bachelor degrees in Education and Economics.

As a mother of three, Elizabeth is acutely aware of the impact climate change can have on the physical and mental health of future generations. She understands that the choices we make today will shape our ability to tackle the challenges posed by a warming planet. Elizabeth is proud to call New Brunswick her come and is excited to world alongside the climate team at the Conservation Council to drive change forward in her community. 

Sarah Babaei

water protection and contaminated sites researcher

Sarah Babaei completed her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Genetics at McMaster University. She completed her honours thesis in the Quinn Lab and focused on Optimization of Multiplex PCR for Microsatellite DNA to determine heterozygosity in the New Zealand Pukeko. For her MSc at the CRI Genomics lab, she is studying stock structure and population genetics of Atlantic Cod in the 3Ps fishery subdivision off the coast of Newfoundland.

Sarah is the Water Protection and Contaminated Sites Researcher this summer. She’ll mostly be focusing on freshwater research, including mining sites and PFAS issues. 

Jon MacNeill

Director of Communications

Jon MacNeill is the Conservation Council’s communications director. He studied journalism, history and political science at St. Thomas University in Fredericton. He has written for newspapers across the Maritimes and for a Member of Parliament in New Brunswick. He joined the team at the Conservation Council in fall 2015. Jon lives in Fredericton with his daughter, Lainey.

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