Green Energy: Making Informed Choices

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick would like to help you make informed choices about the energy you use. We’ve created a series of fact sheets and videos to answer these and other questions.

Our goal is to get you the information you need to make decisions about the right energy choice for you.

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Solar power: One family’s experience with
reliability and security

Explains how the Embergers reduced their reliance on NB Power with the use of solar and wood in their home.

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An Alternative Approach to Renewable Energy

Carl and Karen Duivenvoorden use Bullfrog Power to ensure they support power from renewable energy sources – find out how.

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Renewable Fact sheet-Hannigan-E-1

Living off-Grid: A Leap of Faith

Jenn and Jay Hannigan have incorporated a hybrid combination of wind, solar and thermal to achieve off-grid living in their home.

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Taking Steps-E-1

Taking Steps Toward a Sustainable Future

Learn about important steps you can take as a homeowner to reduce your energy use, and your heat and electricity bills.

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Renewable Smiths-E-1

The Value of Energy Efficiency: Audits, Retrofitting and Renewables

How Heather and Blane Smith turned their older home into a net-zero energy producer.

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Helpful Online Energy Resources 

A comprehensive list of links to home energy resources.

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