Electric School Buses

Better For Our Kids' Health, Better For Our Climate

Let's make the switch!

The electric school bus movement is growing across the world and we want New Brunswick to get on board!

Electric school buses just make sense. They are better for our kids’ health and they don’t emit carbon pollution that contributes to climate change and extreme weather. 

It’s time to retire diesel, gasoline and propane buses. These vehicles emit exhaust that hurts students’ health at any exposure level. 

And, we know kids love them—a bus driver who participated in New Brunswick’s pilot project for electric buses told us that his students were proud that their bus was helping to tackle climate change and making our streets a little healthier. 

Now is the time to make the shift to electric.

Here in Canada, our neighbours in Prince Edward Island and Quebec are leading the charge, committing to a fully-electric school bus fleet over the next 10 years.

We can do the same in New Brunswick. We should be replacing all decommissioned diesel, gasoline  and propane buses with electric buses and making a plan for a full shift over the decade ahead. 

We can learn the best way forward from other jurisdictions and take advantage of federal government programs to help with the cost of transitioning. New Brunswick students deserve a safer way to get to and from school! 

Check out the resources below to see how we can achieve a fully electric school bus fleet in New Brunswick—and sign our petition calling on government to get on board with the E-Bus movement! 

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