Stand Against Fossil Fuel Loopholes: Contact Your MLA & MP Today​

The Government of New Brunswick's "Cost of Carbon Adjustor Mechanism" allows oil refineries to pass on the costs of cleaning up their fuel to consumers

Clean Fuel Regulations should be paid for by industry, not consumers

While other countries implement windfall taxes to ensure fair contributions from polluting companies, New Brunswick is creating loopholes that benefit these companies at the expense of its citizens.

On December 16, 2022, The Provincial Government of New Brunswick amended the Petroleum Pricing Act to include a “Cost of Carbon Adjustor Mechanism.” This amendment effectively shields oil refineries from the intent and consequences of the Clean Fuel Regulations—which have the sole purpose of motivating petroleum producers to reduce emissions associated with fuel production—and deflects this financial burden onto hardworking New Brunswickers who already pay for pollution through federal carbon taxes.

As citizens and consumers, it’s crucial to raise our voices and hold our elected officials accountable. Write to your MLA and MP to demand fossil fuel companies pay their fair share. Let them know that New Brunswickers should not bear the burden of inaction by petroleum producers. Together, we can ensure a fair and sustainable future for all.

Take action now! Your letter will be sent to:

  • Blaine Higgs, Premier of New Brunswick
  • Glen Savoie, N.B. Minister of Environment and Climate Change 
  • Mike Holland, N.B. Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development
  • New Brunswick MPs (René Arsenault, Jenica Atwin, Richard Bragdon, Serge Cormier, Dominic LeBlanc, Wayne Long, Rob Moore, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Jake Stewart, John Williamson)
  • Your MLA (based on your postal code)

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