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CCNB Media Round-up: Best Practices for Community Engagement, How To Break Ground On Renewable Energy Projects, And Calling Out Canada’s Carbon Offset System

The Conservation Council’s latest research project, looking at what it takes for communities to embrace renewable energy projects in their neighbourhood, has piqued the interest of environmentalists and developers across the country; and, Dr. Louise Comeau was called upon to weigh in on the federal government’s new carbon offset system.

CCNB Media Round-up: ‘Surprisingly Low’ Carbon Charges for New Brunswick’s Big Polluters, Nuclear Education in Schools, Responding to the Latest UN Climate Report

It’s been a whirlwind of a month for climate news: another bleak report from the IPCC; a federal budget that doesn’t quite rise to the challenge; and the heartbreaking approval of a massive Newfoundland and Labrador offshore oil project, among others. If you’re looking to catch up on recent headlines this long weekend, we’ve got you covered.

“One of the biggest contributions we can make”: Comeau applauds N.B. incentive to help more citizens drive electric vehicles

Following the announcement of the new EV rebate on July 8,  Dr. Louise Comeau, our Director of Climate and Energy Solutions, spoke with reporters about the sheer size of an impact shifting the province away from traditional gas-powered vehicles toward electric vehicles and hybrids will have on our overall emission levels.

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