As Moncton moves toward plastic bag ban, tell us what you’re doing to keep plastic pollution out of our oceans!

Did you know Moncton is moving toward a ban on single-use plastic bags?

It’s true! According to CBC New Brunswick, when a local community group presented a petition calling for a ban at a public meeting earlier this month, the members of Moncton City council jumped on the opportunity, with one councillor calling it “music to my ears.”

“Plastic waste is a serious environmental issue … plastic is a non-renewable resource that degrades land, water, the health of humans and other creatures,” reads the Visions United Church petition.

“We, the undersigned, respectfully request the introduction by city council of a bylaw that would ban single use, plastic grocery and other plastic shopping bags.”

We’re behind them! We all know the enormous amount of plastic littering our oceans, lakes and streams can’t be swept under the waves any longer.

Are you a business owner who is trying to reduce plastic waste? Tell us in the form below and we’ll help spread the word!

Businesses in New Brunswick are starting to listen, like Moncton’s James Gate restaurant, which banned plastic straws last September, and Fredericton’s Milda’s Pizzas and More, which recently started encouraging customers to bring a re-usable takeout container or pay an environmental fee (which Milda’s is generously donating to your Conservation Council).

Governments are acting, too. The United Kingdom recently announced its plan to ban the sale of all single-use plastics by as early as next year, and is asking members of the Commonwealth to follow suit. While Canada hasn’t committed to a full ban, it is using its G7 presidency this year to make ocean protection and plastic pollution in the ocean the focus of the world’s major economies, which meet next month in Quebec.

In January, Montreal became the first major Canadian city to ban plastic bags. Victoria, B.C. joins them on Canada Day this year. Halifax is also investigating a citywide ban, while Nova Scotia’s environment minister told reporters he is “seriously considering” making the Bluenose Province the first in Canada to enact a province-wide ban on plastic bags.

Think New Brunswick can beat them to the punch?

There is certainly appetite for a province-wide ban here. Our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, told reporters a province-wide ban would be a smart move after an independent poll showed it would have widespread support across Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton earlier this year.

Let’s help build the momentum! We want to hear from you. Are you a business owner who is working to reduce plastic waste? We’d love to hear about it and spread the word about your efforts! Is your family taking steps to reduce plastic waste at home? Let us know!

Tell us how you're helping to reduce plastic waste in your home or business!

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