NB uses more glyphosate in forestry than anywhere else in Canada

Conservation Council of New Brunswick forest program director, Tracy Glynn, was featured in a CBC story about the release of a new report by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (OCMOH).

“It confirms our worst fears that New Brunswick is [using glyphosate], more than any other province, at a more intense rate in forestry,” said Glynn

The report found that 40% of the forest land cut in NB in 2014 was sprayed with glyphosate compared to 28% in Ontario, 21% in Alberta, 18% in Manitoba and only 11% in Nova Scotia.

While 205,859 hectares were cut in Québec in the same year, no forest lands there were sprayed with glyphosate.

“There are more socially responsible ways of doing silviculture in our forestry industry,” said the Conservation Council forest campaign director. We need to move towards those 21st century practices.”

The OCMOH says public health agencies in Canada and elsewhere have adopted a “wait and see” approach.

Read the full article here.


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