Full list of NB waterways at risk by TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline

We’ve compiled a full list of waterways in New Brunswick which will be crossed by TransCanada’s proposed Energy East Pipeline, according to the company’s filing to the National Energy Board as of May 17 and 18, 2016.

Edmundston Area:  Riviere Iroquois, Petite Riviere Iroquois, Richards Brook, Riviere Verte, Little Forks Branch Green River, Brown Brook, Lake Branch, Branche a Charles, Ruisseau a Arsenault, Riviere Quisibis, Beardsley Brook, Hunter Brook, Burgess Brook, Grande Fourche Riviere Quisibis, Larry Brook, Riviere Siegas, Fourche a Clark, Wagansis Brook, Bijeau Brook, Grand Riviere, Sewell Brook, Beaver Brook, Lynch Brook.

Grand Falls – Plaster Rock Area: Dead Brook, Six Mile Brook, Little River, Anderson Brook, Mooney Brook, Otter Slide Brook, Salmon River (North), Cote Brook, Bogan Brook, Foley Brook, Three Brooks, Briggs Brook, Cedar Turn Brook, Crouses Brook, Middle Brook, Tobique River, Shea Brook, Odell River, Hamilton Brook, Worton Brook, Sluice Falls Brook.

Carleton Area: Odell River, Little Teague Brook, Cedar Brook, Beaver Brook, Elder Brook, Simpson Brook, Little Clearwater Brook, Bogan Brook, Biggar Brook.

Miramichi Watershed: Miramichi Lake, Bartlette Brook, SW Branch Miramichi River, South Branch Taxis River, South Branch Taxis River, McMillan Brook, Beaver Brook, Cains River, Sutherland Brook, Bantalor Brook.

Nashwaak Watershed: Jewett Brook, McGivney Brook, Five Mile Brook, Youngs Brook, Arnold Brook.

Grand Lake Area: Gaspereau River, Conroy Brook, Hurley Brook, Gosnell Brook, Dorsey Brook, Salmon Creek, Iron Bound Cove Stream, Salmon River, Wilson Brook, Leckey Brook, Coal Creek, Calvert Lake, Cumberland Bay Stream, Wasson Brook.

Canaan Watershed: Kelly Brook, Canaan River, Long Creek, Lawson Brook, Salmon Creek.

Kennebecasis Watershed: Joliffs Brook, Elm Brook, Belleisle Creek, Midland Brook, Bloomfield Brook, Kennebecasis River, Passekeag Creek, Titus Brook, Hammond River, South Stream, Ratcliffe Brook, Germaine Brook.

Bay of Fundy Area: Gardner Creek, Black River, East Branch Black River, Mispec River, Beaver Lake, Brandy Brook, Calvert Lake, Bean Brook, Anthonys Brook.

Find where the pipeline will intersect a waterway near your home, cottage or favourite recreational areas using this interactive map:

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