Feds approve Sisson mine proposal to dump waste in Atlantic salmon habitat


Image credit: Nashwaak Watershed Association

The federal government has approved a multi-million proposal by the Sisson Partnership to dump mine waste into two fish-bearing brooks that feed the Nashwaak River.

The proposed Sisson mine was approved by the provincial government in 2015 but needs 40 conditions to be met before moving forward. The mine, owned by Northcliff Resources and Todd Minerals, is located about 30 km from Stanley and 60 km northwest from Fredericton.

“This was one permit or approval the project needed to go forward and there are still quite a few outstanding,” Conservation Council of New Brunswick executive director Lois Corbett told the Telegraph-Journal. “It’s not a done deal and it’s not over.”

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick has been a vocal opponent to the Sisson Mine Project as it is currently designed, and we are on the record pointing out its flaws — including inadequate tailings storage and the impact on Atlantic salmon, brook trout, slimy sculpin, and American eel in the lower Wolastoq (St. John) River watershed. To hold back mine waste, the owners say they would need to build a tailings dam twice the height and 16-times the length of the Mactaquac dam.

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