Risky business: the company behind the Sisson mine project

Listen to Joan Kuyek, a mining analyst from Ottawa, and Larry Wuest, a local environmental researcher living near the proposed Sisson mine, as they outline crucial questions that remain unanswered about the huge open-pit tungsten and molybdenum mine and tailings dam proposed to be built on the headwaters of the pristine Nashwaak River watershed.

In the presentation delivered at our Conserver House on April 25,  Joan Kuyek shares the results of her investigation into Hunter Dickinson Inc. one of the company’s behind the Sisson proposal, while Larry Wuest presents evidence demonstrating the unaddressed environmental impact the proposed mine would have on the watershed for generations to come.

Joan Kuyek is a mining analyst, writer, researcher and educator living in Ottawa. She was the founding National Coordinator of MiningWatch Canada from 1999-2009. Before that, she lived and worked in Sudbury Ontario, Canada’s largest mining community. She has taught courses on mining law and policy at Queen’s University Law School and on community development and social change at Carleton University.

Lawrence Wuest is an ecologist and sculptor from Greenhill, a small community in the Upper Nashwaak watershed, about 15 km from the proposed Sisson mine. He has participated in environmental research since 1975, with numerous scholarly contributions.

For more information on the proposed Sisson mine, see the resources below: