Conservation groups applaud Government of New Brunswick’s commitment to 10% of Province in Protected Areas by 2020


A coalition of five provincial environmental and conservation organizations: the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – New Brunswick Chapter, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, Nature Conservancy of Canada – Atlantic, Nature NB, and the Nature Trust of New Brunswick, have issued a joint statement in support of the Government of New Brunswick’s recent commitment to protecting 10% of New Brunswick’s total land mass by 2020.

We are pleased to hear the provincial government’s announcement to commit to conserving 10% of New Brunswick’s total land mass by 2020. New Brunswick is known for its remarkable wildlife and natural heritage. This announcement ensures that future citizens of New Brunswick will have the opportunity to discover wild nature, to see flora and fauna in their natural settings, and it ensures that these natural spaces will remain intact so they can weather the storms of climatic impacts.

As the changing climate causes more extreme and unpredictable weather, it is even more important to protect natural areas, so that they can act as natural defenses against the impacts of storms, floods and draughts. This commitment to conserving significant habitats that disperse and absorb floodwaters, stabilize soil and snow, and reduce the impact of storm surges is a considerable step forward for the province in terms of climate change adaptation.

Globally, more than one million species are at risk due to loss of biodiversity. By conserving more habitat and functioning ecosystems, we are helping to not only protect the plants, animals, and biodiversity of New Brunswick, but also species at risk, including migratory species, that rely on New Brunswick habitat for their survival. 

Currently, New Brunswick has the second lowest percentage (4.6%) of total protected land compared to the rest of Canada. Thousands of New Brunswickers from throughout the province sent letters and signed petitions to support increasing the protection of New Brunswick’s natural spaces and to encourage our province to actively contribute to the national goal of 17% of Canada’s land and freshwater protected by 2020. The government has listened to New Brunswickers on this critical issue.

All organizations are committed to working with Indigenous communities throughout the province on reconciliation and environmental issues such as land and wildlife conservation, species at risk, and climate change.


Roberta Clowater, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – NB Chapter: email; phone (506) 452-9902

Lois Corbett, Conservation Council of New Brunswick: email;  phone (506) 458-8747

Paula Noel, Nature Conservancy of Canada – Atlantic: email; phone (506) 450-6010

Vanessa Roy-McDougall, Nature NB: email;  phone (506) 459-4209

Renata Woodward, Nature Trust of New Brunswick: email; phone (506) 261-1260

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