Affordable electricity is a necessity of modern society: Citizens assembly

The Conservation Council recently brought together nine New Brunswickers with varying perspectives to help shape a vision for an affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity system. 

We held our virtual Citizens’ Assembly on Energy Affordability the weekend of Feb. 24-25. Participants gathered on Zoom to identify principals, goals, policies, and programs that would be beneficial for improving household energy efficiency, reducing household energy costs and addressing energy poverty—all while supporting the broader zero-carbon transition of N.B.’s electricity grid by 2035. 

Conversations during the assembly identified the need for a people-centered approach to the management of New Brunswick’s electricity grid. 

Principles emphasized in the citizens’ statement include transparency, accountability, and trust. Citizens highlighted operational goals for the electricity system, including ensuring that electricity is affordable, safe, reliable, and sustainable environmentally, socially, and economically. 

The policy and program recommendations outlined by citizens will inform our climate team’s advocacy in the year ahead.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also share the full citizens’ statement and invite you to sign your name to further support the development of an energy system that works for New Brunswickers. 

Stay tuned for your opportunity to sign on and an invitation to an upcoming webinar on the citizens’ assembly results.

Finally, we want to send a big thanks to our citizens’ assembly participants for their time and hard work!

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