Understanding Climate Change

Your voice for climate action that works

We can all play our part in solving climate change

Working to solve climate change and protect New Brunswickers’ health and safety from the extreme weather it fuels underlies all our work at the Conservation Council. 

Our team brings the latest science to help citizens understand climate change and how it is affecting our province today, presses government to implement affordable climate solutions we know work, and provides analysis to journalists.

Together, we can make a difference.

We can overcome the climate crisis, reduce greenhouse gas pollution, accelerate climate solutions like non-polluting wind and solar energy, and encourage New Brunswick’s leaders to act with ambition and urgency to keep our families and communities safe. 

The resources in this section will help you better understand the challenges we face, the solutions that work, and amplify your voice. 

We’re here to help citizens, government and businesses be part of the solution: 

Engagement: learn more about what we’re up against and how you can take action or get involved.

Campaigns: learn about our current advocacy campaigns to build sustainable communities.

Research: explore our research contributing to a more effective climate action movement. 

Let's get started

Ciizens can do their part

Governments can do their part

How and Why Climate Change is Affecting N.B.

How Global Heating Works

Videos: For the Love of New Brunswick

These videos explore how climate change is already affecting the things we love doing in New Brunswick, and how we can all do our part for solutions.

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