Building a Stronger, Safer and More Sustainable Food System

Write your MLA to call for more support for our local food producers.

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is calling for an economic recovery plan for New Brunswick that ensures our communities are more secure, safe, healthy and resilient in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and as citizens continue to deal with the impacts of climate change and extreme weather.  

The council’s recommendations, published April 23 in an open letter to Premier Blaine Higgs, focus on three priorities: building food security; building community and ecosystem resiliency through land and water protection; and, building an affordable, reliable and renewable electricity system. Read the letter here: English | French.

Use our letter-writing tool to call on your MLA to ensure we have ambitious targets and funding for programs aimed at moving New Brunswick towards a local, sustainable food system. Our pre-written letter will get you started, but we encourage you to edit it freely and add your own feeling and experiences with food insecurity, and any ideas you might have for policy items you would like to see put in place. 

Share your letter with friends and family to let them know you care or are concerned about climate change.  Knowing others share our concerns, helps all of us feel connected to each other and feel more confident we can solve problems together. Start today, share your letter with friends and family and on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (and be sure to tag us, @conservationcouncil on Facebook, @cc_nb on Twitter and @conservationcouncilnb on Instagram).

Send your #LocalFood letter today!

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