“Together, we can be a part of the global energy revolution,” Dr. Louise Comeau

The Conservation Council’s Director of Climate Change and Energy Solutions, Dr. Louise Comeau wrote a commentary, published in Telegraph Journal, rallying New Brunswickers to do their fair share and support the Conservation Council’s recently unveiled Climate Action Plan.

“Climate change affects us all, but especially the poor, the old and the sick, even here in Canada and New Brunswick. It affects us whether we contribute a lot or a little to the problem,” said Dr. Comeau.

“The most important thing citizens, business leaders and policy-makers can do right now is to support federal and provincial/territorial governments in bringing greenhouse gas emissions down. We need to work together because we can’t solve the climate change problem alone. And together, we can be part of the global energy revolution.”

The Conservation Council’s Climate Action Plan for New Brunswick proposes to reduce these emissions through investments to retrofit our buildings, starting with social and low-income housing; expanding efforts to install renewable energy like solar and wind; and accelerating installation of the Energy Internet (Smart Grid telecommunications) to manage a more distributed electricity load.

The Conservation Council’s plan also proposes creating incentives to help New Brunswickers buy electric and energy efficient vehicles and trucks as Ontario and Quebec have done, and modernizing industry and manufacturing to cut waste and pollution.

These programs would allow the province to generate sustainable jobs by accelerating the development of our renewable energy sector and allow New Brunswick to phase out the use of coal to generate electricity as Ontario has done and Alberta will do by 2030.

“The transition to a modern and clean energy system is where the jobs are. Let’s make sure New Brunswick is part of it,” concluded Comeau.


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