Louise Comeau talks #BetterThanNormal recovery on Turning Point series

Dr. Louise Comeau, director of our climate change and energy solutions program, spoke about the economic recovery New Brunswick needs—built around improved food security, energy security, and stronger protections for nature and water—as a panelist on the New Brunswick Business Council’s Turning Point virtual conference series on June 4.

Comeau outlined the ideas laid out in our open letter to Premier Higgs calling for a #BetterThanNormal recovery in New Brunswick in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some materials related to the discussion:

  • Read our open letter to Premier Higgs here in English or French.
  • Help spread the word about our #BetterThanNormal campaign by sharing this page on social media, or join more than 500 New Brunswickers who have added their name to our call using this Google Form.
  • Check out this article showing how investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency produced greater returns than traditional stimulus measures in response to the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Learn more about how the climate change effects we’re already experiencing in New Brunswick, and those projected to get worse over the next 30 years, will further threaten the health and safety of our people and communities unless meaningful action is taken on climate solutions.

Watch the full discussion below, and find the complete Turning Point series here.