Celebration for the Planet!

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Help us celebrate Earth Day and our 50th Anniversary by hosting your very own celebration for the planet!

To celebrate Earth Day and our 50th anniversary this year, we have developed a new fundraiser that allows all of our supporters to participate.  Celebration for the Planet is a fundraiser designed to support N.B conservation initiatives and for you to enjoy an activity with your friends, family, colleagues and community.

This is your chance to help the Conservation Council of New Brunswick celebrate Earth Day 2019 in a unique way.  The Conservation Council of New Brunswick has been at the forefront of environmental protection in New Brunswick since 1969. We depend on our members to give us the independence we need to speak out credibly and effectively on behalf of the environment and our communities.

How to host an event?

  1. Decide on an activity based on your own hobbies – This might be a local food meal, hike, art class, nature photography workshop, documentary film, jam session, whatever is fun for you! See our expanded list below. You can charge a fee for your activity or accept a free will donation.
  2. Register to be a host with CCNB contact amy.floyd@conservationcouncil.ca. Amy will give you all of the information that you need to get started (CCNB information handouts, instructions on how to submit donations, photo release form, tax receipt information and share information for public events).
  3. Decide if you would like your event to be open to the public or by invitation only. If you are opening to hosting the public, you can ask participants to email you to pre-register and then send out your address only to those who are registered. If the event is public, we are happy to help you advertise your event (if you like).
  4. Host the event & collect a fee or donation for the Conservation Council before they leave.
  5. Submit donations. You will be given more information on how to do this when you register.
  6. Let us know how your event went, how many came and if you have permission to share photos, we would love to have some for our social media.

Our programs include freshwater protection, marine conservation, forest conservation, climate and energy solutions, buying local and outdoor education. We create awareness of environmental problems and advance practical solutions through research, education and interventions.  Some of CCNB’s achievements include advocating for the Clean Environment Act, the Pesticides Control Act, formation of the Department of Environment, the Environmental Protection Unit and the Clean Water Act. We continue to push for changes in our forestry strategy, climate policy and water classification and aquaculture regulations.

Themes/ Ideas for your event

Great Trees of New Brunswick: An easy way to support your Conservation Council and spread around a must-have addition to your friends’ and loved ones’ home libraries. Purchase five (or more) copies of our new book, The Great Trees of New Brunswick, and give them to someone special — it’s a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries, plus, all proceeds go toward our work to protect nature in N.B.

Up-skilling: Sip and paint, learn to draw landscapes, repair sessions – bicycles, electronics, clothing, toys, etc., clothing alteration, mini cooking class and sampling, sourdough bread/ kombucha workshops, bees wax wraps

Reduce and Re-use: Clothes swap, swap meets, re-purpose waste items into crafts for kids

Education: Gardening workshops, hikes, bird watching, nature photography, design challenges to solve local issues, host a discussion group around your interests – could be anything, electric cars to home schooling to cello music

Local Food: Host a dinner made with local food or do a local food, homemade preserves barter event, chat and share locally roasted coffee and baking, recipe exchanges, homemade pizza making is fun for kids,

We know our supporters from throughout the province are talented, creative and dedicated. This is your chance to host a fun activity with your friends, family and community, and support the work of the Conservation Council at the same time.

This year Earth Day is April 22nd; however, you are welcome to hold events any time that is convenient for in 2019.

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