Conservation Council Urges Federal Government for Timely Rollout of Clean Electricity Regulations

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is urging the federal government to avoid further delays in implementing the Clean Electricity Regulations (CER). 

Today, the Canadian government issued an update to the CER and is opening up a 30-day comment period for consultation, in which the Conservation Council will participate. We believe delaying these regulations any more could undermine the progress made by many provinces and utilities in aligning their energy plans with the CER. 

Delays risk hindering the momentum that has been built, creating uncertainty for investors and project developers. These regulations are pivotal in providing essential incentives for deploying renewable energy resources. Timely implementation is crucial in order to curb emissions and offer investment certainty for clean electricity projects. 

The Conservation Council will comb through the CER updates to look for any changes that weaken the regulations. We will continue to ask the government to close any loopholes that could allow for the continued use of unabated fossil fuels. It is crucial that these regulations are robust and comprehensive in their approach to promote clean energy solutions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, we believe ensuring the updated regulations are fair and equitable for Atlantic Canadians is important. While we support the CER as an essential step towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future, we recognize that it alone will not be enough to achieve our goal of a carbon-neutral economy. We look forward to future legislation that will build upon the CER and ensure this ambitious goal is met.

For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Corey Robichaud, Director of Communications, Conservation Council of New Brunswick | | 506.458.8747

Moe Qureshi, Director of Climate Research and Policy, Conservation Council of New Brunswick | | 506.458.8747

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