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A technician overlooks a windmill farm.

Op-ed: An affordable, reliable, sustainable electricity future for Atlantic Canada is renewable

Why do we still lack commitments, plans and pathways from our governments and utilities to set us on a clear pathway to affordable, reliable, environmentally-sustainable energy with cleaner electricity? What is getting in the way? It turns out, it’s a political choice. Governments’ laws, regulations and policies are not keeping pace with technology change or the need to protect our most vulnerable.

Op-ed: We Risk False Solutions and Delayed Action on Climate Change with Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

New Brunswick has a history of wild-card investments that fail to deliver. Why not hedge our bets and accelerate investment in what the CCIC calls “safe bets” — delivering cost-effective greenhouse gas reductions through investments that emphasize energy efficiency, switching to clean, affordable renewable energy, and shifting to electric vehicles?

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