Conservation Council of New Brunswick Ad Campaign Counters Alberta Government’s Misinformation on Clean Electricity Regulations

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick has launched a new campaign countering the Alberta government’s multimillion-dollar taxpayer-funded misinformation campaign against the federal clean electricity regulations.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith announced the misleading Tell the Feds campaign in September 2023, attacking Ottawa’s clean electricity regulations. New Brunswickers were the target of this inaccurate campaign for several months. In response, the Conservation Council has launched the Tell the Facts campaign, setting the record straight about how these federal regulations will impact energy reliability, affordability and climate action in New Brunswick and Canada.

Tell the Facts directly opposes Alberta’s misleading propaganda by mirroring the province’s original campaign. Unlike Alberta’s campaign, which spreads false information about renewable energy using fear, the Conservation Council focuses on showing that clean, affordable energy can positively shape everyone’s future.

“Tell the Facts was launched to counter the lies spread by the Danielle Smith-led Alberta government,” said Beverly Gingras, the Conservation Council’s Executive Director. “Attacking the federal clean electricity regulations through a misinformation campaign is counterproductive to discussions about the future of clean energy. Our campaign lays out the truth about renewable energy.”

Alberta’s campaign launched in select Canadian provinces, including New Brunswick, costing taxpayers $8 million. Despite being taxpayer-funded, Alberta’s campaign does not speak for the majority of Albertans who embrace a clean energy transition. Instead of representing the concerns of her citizens, Smith is doing everything she can to keep Canadians from cheap, reliable and clean electricity. 

While Alberta’s campaign spreads misinformation using fear tactics, Tell the Facts aims to dispel myths and show how renewable energy can improve our daily lives. This effort is crucial at a time when politicians aligned with fossil fuel companies exploit Canadians’ actual affordability concerns, creating barriers to a clean energy future.

“The Alberta government ignores the risks Canadians face from climate change and spreads misinformation about energy affordability and reliability,” said Dr. Moe Qureshi, the Conservation Council’s Director of Climate Research and Policy. “The claim that power rates will quadruple is completely untrue, and no evidence supports the argument that Canadians will be left in the dark under these regulations. We need to focus on actual solutions to make sure energy is affordable, clean and reliable.”

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Corey Robichaud, Director of Communications, Conservation Council of New Brunswick | | 506.458.8747

Dr. Moe Qureshi, Director of Climate Research and Policy, Conservation Council of New Brunswick | | 506.458.8747

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