Premier letting us down on energy efficiency: Corbett on N.B,’s weak ranking in national scorecard

New Brunswick is a major laggard when it comes to helping people and businesses save money on electricity costs and reduce their carbon pollution footprint, according to the first-ever national energy efficiency scorecard.

Efficiency Canada’s report, released Nov. 19, ranked all 10 provinces on their programs, policies and incentives around energy efficiency. New Brunswick came in 8th out of 10 — including dead last on policies and programs to make people’s homes more energy efficient.  

In an article published Nov. 21, The New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal quoted from a statement our Executive Director, Lois Corbett, issued. 

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick called on the Higgs government to stop wasting money fighting Ottawa’s carbon tax in court and start “buying bales of insulation for our seniors’ drafty homes.”

“Premier Higgs is letting New Brunswick’s homeowners, seniors and small businesses down by failing to bring in new building codes, support increased energy efficiency programs for seniors and low-income New Brunswickers,” Corbett said in the release. “New Brunswick is consistently out-performed by our neighbours in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador on efficiency measures that save citizens money, reduce pollution, and create good jobs for tradespeople.”

Read our full statement here.

Learn more about the national scorecard here.

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