We need a plan for significant carbon pollution cuts first: Corbett on proposed iron processing plant

If New Brunswick wants to spend its limited carbon budget on Maritime Iron’s proposed iron processing plant, Lois Corbett, the Conservation Council’s Executive Director, says the public will need to see a plan to cut emission levels from other large emitters, like the oil refinery or pulp mills, to offset those added by the new plant.

“What this project will do is push New Brunswick greenhouse gas pollution way over its current cap,” Corbett told CBC New Brunswick on Jan. 20. “So, there needs to be some provisions that the government can look at, not just for greenhouse gases coming from that particular facility, but also, where will it (the government) get the other (emission reductions) if this project goes forward? Will iit (government) need to reach down into the refinery and reduce emissions there? Will it need to reach down into the forest sector and reduce emissions there?”

The segment with Corbett starts around the 3:35 mark.

Read more of Corbett’s comments in the full CBC web story here

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