Passport to a Low Carbon Future EcoHomes Tour

Have you wondered what you can do to lessen your home’s carbon footprint? Would you like to learn more about the options available to you and the practical steps you can take to make a real difference? Here is your chance to see what homeowners in your community are doing to live sustainably.

Get inspired and find out what innovative homeowners are doing in your neighborhood by signing up to participate in our Passport to a Low Carbon Future EcoHome Tour scheduled for June 9 in southwestern New Brunswick.

Organized by dedicated volunteers from the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and the Saint John chapter of the Council of Canadians, the tour will shine a spotlight on low-carbon homes and public buildings in Bocabec, Letete, Saint John, Quispamsis and the Kingston Peninsula.  

Visit an off-grid artist’s cabin in the woods; a home with rammed earth construction, solar and wind power, green roof, and a permaculture garden; a timber frame, passive solar, straw wall, earth berm home with sod roof; a LEED Gold Certified building, an innovative recreational complex, an 18 room inn using solar energy for hot water heating, the First Certified CHBA Net Zero Home in New Brunswick; an off-grid hobby farm; an off-grid boatbuilding workshop and more.

The home owners and business people on the tour will be there to answer your questions about how they went about reducing their carbon footprint and the challenges they encountered along the way.

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  1. an off the grid artist’s cabin in the woods,
  2. a home built in the 50’s that installed a solar hot water heating system in the 80’s (talk about an early adopter),
  3. the Terra Berma project, a project that demonstrates sustainable off-grid living,  with rammed earth construction, solar and wind power, green roof, permaculture garden
  4. a timber frame, passive solar, straw wall, earth berm home with sod roof,
  5. a small footprint passive solar and solar off-grid home,
  6. a LEED Gold Certified building at the Saint John Campus of the University of New Brunswick,
  7. a large recreational complex with innovative heating, cooling, daylight sensors and waterless urinals in Quispamsis,
  8. the First Certified CHBA Net Zero Home in NB,
  9. a completely off-grid stone home and boatbuilding workshop,
  10. Crooked Creek off-grid home and hobby farm with bees, alpacas and a donkeys
  11. A grid connected salt box super energy efficient home with  passive solar, a solarium, masonry heater, radiant heat, earth berming and R2000 insulation.
  12. The Rossmount Inn, an 18 room inn complete with fine dining restaurant which uses solar energy for hot water heating and heating an office during the winter months, and also has an electric vehicle charging station for guests.

We will be sending out an e-brochure with descriptions and directions to the EcoHomes to everyone who has registered sometime in the third week of May.

UPDATE: After the tour, we invite you to join us for a chance to meet and greet and share information and light refreshments starting at 5 p.m. at the fabulous Elmhurst Outdoors at 65 Ganong Road on the Kingston Peninsula.

*Cover photo: Kate and Peeter Vihvelin’s home in Saint Andrews, N.B. Credit: Barb Crawford


June 9th, 2018

ST. ANDREWS : 9:00 AM– 1:00 PM
SAINT JOHN : 12:00 PM– 5:00 PM


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