Passive Homes, Aggressive Savings

How’s this for a good story on a blistery Maritime morning?

A family in Long River, P.E.I. has paid a total of $20 for heat since February 2015. That wasn’t a typo:  $20 to heat their 2,000 square foot house for nearly a year.

What’s their secret? As CBC reports, the Peters family built a super energy efficient Passive Home. The family documented the construction of the home in a blog where they now post monthly energy data.
EAs15_COVERAnd folks in New Brunswick are enjoying similar savings. As we reported in the Summer/Fall 2015 edition of EcoAlert Magazine, the Naugler family in Fredericton have paid an average of less than $100 per year since moving into their Passive Solar Home.

Read about how they did it, and how you can harness the power of the sun and smart, energy-efficiency building design to save you money and help save the climate.

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