Innovation abound! Living green in NB


How about an uplifting story for this sunny morning?

Check out this great read from CBC about another New Brunswicker who’s been living off the grid for 10 years!

Wendy Keats of Salisbury powers and heats her single-storey home using solar panels, wood stoves and south-facing windows.

And if you think she must be roughing it, think again: “Fridge, stove, deep freeze, I work from home so I have computers, monitors, printers, washer, dryer, radio, television and all those sorts of things,” she tells the CBC.

And Keats is far from alone.  Since we posted a blog on the subject earlier this week, we’ve already heard from a few other New Brunswickers doing innovative stuff with renewable energy and energy efficiency, and we’ll be bringing you their stories in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can get some more inspiration from Renewables NB, a virtual hub for learning about small-scale renewable energy projects in the province. There, you’ll find nearly 100 examples of renewable installations that have taken place right here in New Brunswick since 2003.

Part of our Renewable Solutions NB Project