Conservation Council of New Brunswick is now bullfrogpowered!


We’re thrilled to announce we’ve joined the #bullfrogpowered community of people working to clean the Canadian energy grid!

Bullfrog Power is the country’s leading clean energy provider. The Toronto-based company allows people, businesses and organizations to start using 100 per cent renewable energy.

Beginning today, the Conservation Council joins the ranks of the David Suzuki Foundation, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, The Lung Association, New Brunswick’s Taylor Printing Group and Community Forests International, even the Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie. These are just a few of the bullfrogpowered community members in Canada.
Here’s how Bullfrog customers help to clean the energy grid:

Bullfrog_10years_resultsThink of the grid like a bathtub. Right now, the tub has a significant amount of ‘dirty water’ — energy generated from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas.

As homeowners, businesses and organizations like ours sign up as Bullfrog customers, more ‘?clean water’? is added to the bathtub — energy generated from renewable sources such as wind and low-impact hydro.

As more clean water is added to the tub, less of the dirty water, or polluting sources, is needed.

So, stepping away from the bathtub analogy, when more people sign up with Bullfrog, more and more clean energy is put on the grid. Together, we help displace fossil fuel-generated energy with clean, renewable energy.

We’re proud our office at 180 St. John St. in Fredericton — Conserver House — is now one of 10,000 homes across Canada that have chosen to clean the energy grid by becoming bullfrogpowered.


Since founding in 2005, the bullfrogpowered community has helped put more than 3-million MWh of clean electricity and more than 4-million GJ of clean biogas onto Canada’s energy system. In other words, in 10 years, Bullfrog has displaced 1.1-million tonnes of carbon pollution that would have contributed to climate change.

“Bullfrog Power is excited to add the Conservation Council of New Brunswick to the growing list of businesses and organizations that support the growth of renewable energy in Canada,” said Ron Seftel, CEO of Bullfrog Power.

What’s more — this is only the beginning of our partnership with Bullfrog Power. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Conserver House!

Part of our Renewable Solutions NB Project