Cast A Ballot For Climate Action

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We want to help you cast a ballot for the environment this October 19.

All around the world, leaders are stepping up: U.S. President Barack Obama wants climate change action to be his legacy; world governments meet in Paris later this year to determine concrete national actions; and Pope Francis has made climate action a moral imperative for all people of the planet — let’s make sure Canada gets inspired, plays our part, and creates rewarding clean energy jobs by getting serious about climate action, too!

We’re urging voters — and politicians — to take a clear position on climate in the upcoming federal election. We’ve assembled a questionnaire to help you figure out which candidates in your riding will take the action you want to see on climate change and the environment if elected.  When candidates knock on your door this fall, make sure you let them know that protecting nature is important to you, and find out where they stand on urgent environmental issues.

Remember — the more we ask political parties to side with the environment, the more candidates will see that concrete climate commitments are a crucial requirement for getting elected.

Download and print our Election 2015 Voter Card.

Use the longer version we submitted to candidates

Find Out Where Your Local Candidate for Parliament Stands

Ask your candidates:

  • This December, world governments will attend the United Nations’ international climate conference to establish a legally-binding and universal agreement on climate action. This is an opportunity for Canada to play an influential role in global environmental affairs. What commitments and greenhouse gas reduction target does your party propose we announce in Paris to move us quickly to a low-carbon economy?


  • Investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and other green technologies will create jobs and reduce the pollution causing climate change. Will your party commit to increasing investments in energy efficiency programming and renewable energy generation?


  • Many Canadians and organizations are concerned the National Energy Board has become a biased regulator that isn’t making decisions in the best interest of all Canadians. Will your party commit to amending the NEB process to make it fair and easy for communities and people to participate, and will your party ensure upstream greenhouse gas emissions are considered in all project reviews undertaken by the regulator?


  • In the past, Canada’s support for public science and science funding was the envy of many developed nations. Will your party commit to increasing support for public science and restoring science funding to Environment Canada and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans?


Now more than ever, we need strong leadership from our federal government, and that means we need strong, informed constituents — people like you.

Thank you for doing your part to ensure our country takes meaningful action on climate change and seizes the abundant opportunities afforded through a clean energy economy and investments in energy efficiency and renewable power.

We’ve also presented a longer questionnaire to candidates from all parties in each of New Brunswick’s 10 federal ridings. We’ll post the responses we receive from candidates to our blog leading up to the election. Check out the longer questionnaire for more questions on public health, food, water, herbicides, aquaculture, climate change, energy and more. 

Cast a ballot for the environment this October 19!