Conserver House opens doors for donations to Wil-Doo Community Bike Club

The Conservation Council is proud to be part of another wonderful community project in Fredericton: the Wil-Doo Community Bike Club.

Today, Karyn MacPherson, with the Conservation Council’s Learning Outside program, donated a bike she was not using anymore to the Wil-Doo Community Bike Club.

Karyn bike

Who is the Wil-Doo Community Bike Club? 

The Wil-Doo Community Bike Club formed in 2014 and includes the participation of children ages 5 to 14 years old from public housing in the Wilson Row and Doone Street neighbourhoods on Fredericton’s north side as well as St. Mary’s First Nation and Irvine St. The children participating in the project come from here or are newcomers from different countries including the Congo, the Philippines and Malaysia.

The club organizes the donations of bikes and bike parts so that every kid who wants a bike has one.

The Wil-Doo Community Bike Club will take donations:

* Bikes
* Bike parts & tools
* Bike accessories (helmets, lights, etc.)
* Off-roading bike accessories (knee pads, etc.)

* Toolshed/storage units

Donations can be dropped off at Conserver House, 180 Saint John St., during office hours – 9am to 5pm or after hours by making arrangements with Tracy at tracy.glynn@conservationcouncil.ca.

Thanks to the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, STU Experiential and Community-Based Learning, No One is Illegal Fredericton and Refugees Welcome Fredericton for the support!

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