Call for Nominations: Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award

The Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism award for outstanding reporting is presented annually to recognize and promote in-depth and thoughtful coverage of environmental issues in New Brunswick.

By recognizing the best environmental reporting, this award seeks to inspire journalists in all media and to showcase reporting that best addresses important environmental issues in New Brunswick. We invite journalists from traditional news media, independents, and non-profits, citizen journalists and students to submit their finest work.

Beth McLaughlin, the founder of the Southeast Chapter of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, was a teacher, writer, social activist, and active citizen.  The CCNB Southeast Chapter presents this award in her memory.

Criteria and eligibility:

Entries must be predominantly about an environmental subject occurring in or affecting New Brunswick, and must have been published, broadcast, or posted during the calendar year preceding the current prize year.

Stories, articles, documentaries, or series, in English or French, published in any publication, broadcast by any radio or television station, or posted online, including blogs and personal websites, as long as they are accessible to the general public, are eligible.  (If access is contingent on subscription, registration, fees, or other limits, permission must be granted to CCNB SE to make the work available to the public.)

The CCNB Southeast Chapter Award Committee is the final authority for determining whether an entry meets the eligibility criteria. Entries by CCNB employees, directors, SE Chapter officers, award committee members, and judges are not eligible.

A panel of judges made up of experienced journalists, educators or other qualified individuals appointed by the Award Committee will judge qualified entries and pick the winner.  Judges may select no winner if they decide there are no deserving entries.

Entries which address the following issues are particularly encouraged:

  • investigative reporting that uncovers an important environmental issue in New Brunswick or is about an important issue not covered elsewhere
  • stories alerting readers/listeners/viewers to an important emerging issue in New Brunswick
  • stories that help clarify complex environmental issues or events of significance in New Brunswick
  • stories that uphold the journalistic principle of protecting the public interest
  • stories that resulted in improvements or positive change in the community

Judges may consider factors such as the quality of the writing, the difficulty of obtaining the information for the story, relevance and importance of the subject, and other factors.

How to Apply:

Nominations may be made by individuals, teachers, environmental groups, media organizations, or any other interested parties.  Applicants may be self-nominating.

Submission deadline:  All entries must be received by July 31st, 2017.  Submit entries to Conservation Council of New Brunswick, Southeast Chapter Environmental Journalism Award Committee at ccnbsoutheast@gmail.com

Information to include:

  1. Nominator’s name, email, and phone number.
  2. Journalist’s name, email, phone and/or other contact information.
  3. Provide links to broadcast and online entries. Print entries can be provided as a pdf attachment or via web links to where the entry is published or posted and publicly accessible.  All links must be to the same version of the entry as originally aired, published or posted, with all the same graphics, headlines, photos, etc. and not modified after the contest year.
  4. If the entry is not publicly accessible, permission must be obtained from the publisher for CCNB SE to link to it or repost it for public access.
  5. Background information on the piece for the judges may be added, but is not required.

This year the award is worth $500.00 and two tickets to our annual fall event.

The winner will be announced and the award presented in fall 2017.

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