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Downed power poles and ice covered signs are shown in Escuminac, N.B., on Friday, Jan. 27, 2017. Thousands of people in New Brunswick were left without power, some for up to two weeks, after a winter ice storm blasted through the region. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Diane Doiron

We want to hear about your experience with climate change. Whether it’s from the 2017 Acadian Peninsula ice storm, the two back-to-back, 100-year-floods along the Wolastoq (St. John) River in 2018 and 2019, Hurricane Arthur or something else altogether, we want you to reach out using the simple form below.

“This summer we have had more than our share of violent intense rainstorms,” one resident already wrote in. “In my small area in Edmundston one storm flooded at least 10 basements.”

Flooding in the Maugerville area, spring 2019.

We’re looking for personal stories. Did you lose power? Did the ice storm trap you in your house? Was there enough food? How has flood-related costs affected your mental health? Have you become closer with your neighbours? What piece of advice kept you going through it? Were the provincial and federal government’s responses satisfactory? Have these events had long-term effects on you or your loved ones? How are you preparing for future disasters?

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is conducting research to learn broadly about the effects these events have had on the people, places and properties New Brunswickers care about. These stories will help inform our research and could result in us reaching out to learn more.

Flooding along the Wolastoq (St. John) River in Fredericton in April 2019. Photo: James West for the Conservation Council

Telling us your story implies your consent for us to use it in our study. Thank you for helping us tell the stories of climate change and extreme weather events in New Brunswick as we push for smart public policy around climate solutions.

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