Sign up for this year’s Smart Shift Summit! Spend this March 27th &28th learning about green opportunities!

Spread the word! Connect with one of the many New Brunswick organizations working to inspire with new and innovative opportunities stemming from cost-effective reductions to greenhouse gasses, an electrified economy and a sustainable infrastructure that’s adapted for climate change.

The Conservation Council’s Lois Corbett and Louise Comeau will be presenting at the Summit. As Director of Climate Change and Energy Solutions at CCNB, Comeau will present on ways to talk about climate change with New Brunswickers, along with her extensive findings on the subject.

Learn how we’re building a smarter economy, using energy more efficiently and finding new ways to help us live in harmony with the land. Join us March 27th & 28th for your choice of over 60 presentations by professional environmentalists, forestry and energy specialists, researchers and business leaders. 

Still not sure? Check out this quick summary of topics, below:

 Monday, March 27: Realising Opportunities

Smarter economy

Electricity shift

Planning for change

Innovation on the land

Efficient energy use

Tuesday, March 28: Adapting to climate change – naturally

Smarter infrastructure

Cost-effective solutions

Innovative planning

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