Our recommendations to help citizens, businesses shift toward sustainable, clean energy future

The Conservation Council has submitted a detailed proposal of recommendations to the provincial government on how provincial carbon pricing revenue should be spent in 2021-22.

Our recommendations, submitted to Environment Minister Gary Crossman on Feb. 19, include options that reduce carbon pollution and better prepare businesses and households for the rising cost of carbon in a world increasingly moving toward decarbonization in the face of climate change.

Read our proposal to Minister Crossman here: English | French

The recommendations include:

  1. Significantly increase our commitment to low-income energy efficiency retrofits with a focus on deep retrofits
  2. Increase investment in deep retrofits of households and buildings owned by small business, including getting off oil.
  3. Using existing federal programming to deliver electric vehicle incentives through dealerships to put 4,000 EVs per year on the road over the next three to five years.
  4. Target provincial fleets for EV conversion, including provincial and municipal government fleets, transit, and taxis and delivery vehicles.
  5. Investment in household-focused programming to increase resilience to climate change extreme events.

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