In solidarity with our Indigenous and Black neighbours

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is appalled by the many examples of systemic racism in our society, many of which are currently coming to public prominence thanks to the important work of Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist and justice movements. We are especially appalled by the heart-wrenching killing of Chantel Moore and Rodney Levi by police in New Brunswick this month.

It is disturbing to see the impact of ongoing racism in our society, and we know that our Indigenous and Black neighbours have to contend with the realities of systemic racism every day. We know the environmental movement is not free from systems that disadvantage Indigenous, Black, and other marginalised communities. We also know that without hard work, meaningful relationships, and a lot of listening, the environmental movement risks missing the full impact of the intersections between environmental degradation and inequality.

We have been thinking about this a lot over the past few weeks, and we know that we, along with the rest of our movement, can be better.

We stand in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples and the Black Lives Matter movement to end systemic racism across society, including the tragedies of police violence against people of colour. 

Our work at the Conservation Council has been strengthened and made more effective by the hard work and knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples of this land who we’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with over the years to work toward a more sustainable, just province. The important environmental results in New Brunswick, like the shale gas moratorium and many important habitat improvements, could not have been achieved without the leadership of Indigenous Nations.

We would like to share resources, compiled by the Sierra Club of Canada, on how Conservation Council supporters can learn to better support our First Nations communities, Black community and other people of colour, and talk openly about racism and anti-racism.

Anti-Racist Resources: 

Places to take action, learn, and show support:

Black Lives Matter, Canada 

New Brunswick Multicultural Council

List of resources compiled by Montreal activists, including French & English resources to take action, listen, &  learn (Includes podcasts) 

The ENRICH Project (Environmental Noxiousness, Racial Inequities & COmmunity Health Project)

List of Resources for Solidarity and Action (US), including places to donate, take action, listen and learn  

For Parents, Caregivers, Children & Youth:

The Conscious Kid

37 Childrens’ Books to Help Talk About Racism

There’s Something in the Water


 (Trailer), based on Book by Ingrid Waldron

(available on Netflix) 

Shortfilm: Remember Africville

Books / Reading:

There’s Something in the Water (Basis for film of the same name, listed above), Dr. Ingrid Waldron  

Policing Black Lives, Robyn Maynard 

Blank, M. NourbeSe Philip

The Skin We’re In, Desmond Cole  

Dr. Lynn Jones’ Powerful Address at #JusticeforRegis rally, Halifax, June 1

Interview with Dr. Ingrid Waldron, This is About Vulnerability, The Narwhal, June 3

Hop Hopkins, Sierra Club US Partnerships Director, Racism is Killing the Planet , SIerra Magazine, June 8

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