Eco Hero Award Winners

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick celebrated its 50th Anniversary on Oct. 12, 2019 by honouring the New Brunswickers who have helped to make our work possible since 1969 at an awards gala at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton.

The full list of award recipients is as follows:

Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award: Shane Fowler

Innovator Award: Modern Hemp Innovations, Naveco Power, Arcadia Hemp

Local Food Champion: Edee Klee, Jean-Eudes Chiasson, Barb Somerville, Natoaganeg Community Food Centre, Mike Hadfield, Really Local Harvest,

Outdoor Educator Award: Charlene Mayes, Ian Smith, Muddy Boots Outdoor Learning, Mike Fox

Community Leadership Award: Elgin Eco Association, Lucy Dyer, Lynn MacKinnon, New Brunswick Environmental Network, Rachel Robichaud, Sarah Blenis, Brenda Kelly, Lewnanny Richardson, Verts Rivages

Art and Environment Award: Michael McEwing, Gerry LeBlanc

Fresh Eyes Award: Carli LeRoux, Christophe Couverchel

Energy and Renewables Award: Joe Waugh, Mark and Megan McCann (MJM Solar Solutions), Ryan Mitchell (Saint John Energy), James Biggar

Eco Builder Award: Garth Hood

Climate Protector Award: Louise Comeau, New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance, Cyrille Simard and Edmundston Council

Youth Activist Award: Hannah Moore, Shelby Harnish

Clean Air Protector Award: Gordon Dalzell, Paula Tippett

Indigenous Knowledge Sharer: Ron Trembley, Angela Beek

Freshwater Protector Award: Maliseet Nation Conservation Council, Paul Arp, Robena Weatherley, Bill Cooper

Forest Protector Award: Rod Cumberland, Community Forests International, Eco Vie, Jean Louis Deveau

Building the Movement Award: Roberta Clowater, Vaughn Blaney, Anne Levesque, Mary Ann Coleman

Marine Protector Award: David Thompson

Milton F. Gregg Award: David Coon and Janice Harvey

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