Conservation Council statement on release of 2017 Ice Storm Review

Lois Corbett, Executive Director of the Conservation Council, today issued the following statement:

“The Clerk of the Executive Council’s review of the January 2017 Ice Storm, released today, shines a spotlight on just what more works need to be done to protect our homes, families and towns and villages in the face of increasing numbers of extreme storms.

Ms. Wagner’s report rightly concludes that the messages from meteorologists and scientists who study climate change are clear — “climate change has and will continue to impact us in the form of extreme weather, including more extreme precipitation events, more rain in place of snow, more and longer heat waves and storm surges.”

The review is a blueprint for action, calling on all involved to better prepare for emergencies, communicate more clearly and with transparency, and implement the efforts identified in the provincial climate change plan.

With this report in hand, the government must now lay out its response— clearly spelling out how it will keep families safe with modern and resilient power supplies, smart and quick deployment of renewable energy, and broad citizen engagement in building communities that can adapt to, and withstand, the effects of the changing climate.

The review relied, in part, on the submission made by the Conservation Council in June which recommended planning for long term risk reduction and preparedness. “This change in focus opens the door to considering and planning for the long-term resiliency of New Brunswick communities and families. Solutions with the longer-term lens in focus encourage us to integrate climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation approaches.”

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