Conservation Council Calls On EUB To Ensure Transparency, Accountability From NB Power

Traditional territory of the Wabanaki Peoples/Fredericton — The Conservation Council is calling for greater transparency and accountability from NB Power as it seeks to raise energy rates by 8.9 per cent.

Dr. Louise Comeau, Director of Climate Solutions with the Conservation Council, appeared as an intervenor before the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board on Jan. 30 as part of the board’s review of NB Power’s proposed general rate increase.

Comeau recommended that, before the board makes any decision on the public utility’s proposed rate increase, that it get clear answers from NB Power about:

  • how it handles the carbon tax in 2023/34, including planned use of in-province fossil fuels, imports and exports;
  • how it will reduce overall and peak demand through an aggressive home retrofit strategy for more than 110,000 low-to-medium income households over the next five years; and,
  • how Point Lepreau nuclear generating station fits into NB Power’s future, including an independent analysis of alternatives to supplying the same amount of electricity using in-province renewables, storage, interties and efficiency.

Read the Conservation Council’s full submission here.

Learn more about our Atlantic Electricity Vision for an affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity system here


To arrange an interview, contact:

Jon MacNeill, Communications Director | jon.macneill@conservationcouncil.ca | 506-238-3539

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