Comeau comments on NB Power’s energy efficiency program for homeowners

The Conservation Council’s Louise Comeau, Director of Climate and Energy Solutions, recently spoke to CBC New Brunswick about the recent surge of interest in NB Power’s Total Home Energy Savings Program.

The program helps New Brunswickers get an energy audit of their home and offers financial assistance for those who make energy efficiency improvements to reduce both their heating bill and their home’s carbon pollution footprint. 

Comeau told the CBC’s Rachel Cave that it’s a good program with smart funding from the federal government’s Low Carbon Economy Fund.

The program gets enthusiastic approval from the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, especially since homeowners can benefit from an evaluation, no matter what source of fuel they use to heat their homes. 

“The federal funding allows the auditor to look at more than just electricity,” says Louise Comeau, Director of Climate Change and Energy Policy.

“This is a huge advance.”

She also thinks the program is booming because the pandemic has more people focused on their homes and making home improvements.

“There’s no point in talking to somebody about efficiency when they’re not in the mood or not planning to do a home renovation,” said Comeau.

“This is the moment. This is when you have people’s attention.’

Read the full web story here. Watch the video story here.

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