Widespread solar adoption in NB inevitable: report

A new report commissioned by NB Power says that widespread solar power adoption by “tens of thousands of homes and businesses” is inevitable in New Brunswick.

The report, by Montreal’s Dunsky Energy Consulting, urges the public utility to get ahead of the curve by launching a solar panel leasing option now for homeowners and businesses.

The CBC reported this week that NB Power is “currently studying this option” and remains undecided on whether it will go ahead with a solar leasing plan.

According to the Dunsky report — the second study in the last three years looking at solar potential in N.B. — states that only 370 kilowatts of solar capacity has been installed in New Brunswick as of January 2017. The report predicts that an NB Power lease program would expand that figure 18-fold to 13,700 kilowatts by 2025 and to 310,000 kilowatts by 2040.

An ambitious plan to create jobs for tradespeople and get more solar panels on the rooftops of homes, businesses and public buildings is a major component of the Conservation Council’s Climate Action Plan for New Brunswick.

There are already a number of renewable energy entrepreneurs in New Brunswick working toward this goal. Get connected with them through our Renewables NB webportal, which includes a directory of solar and green-energy suppliers in the province.

You can learn more about New Brunswickers who’ve said yes to solar power and energy efficiency upgrades through our video series, Green Energy: Making Informed Choices.