We’re in this together: New Brunswickers vote for climate action

New Brunswickers and people clear across the country voted this week for urgent, meaningful action on climate change. 

The majority of New Brunswickers who cast a ballot in Monday’s federal election did so for a party with a strong platform on climate action. The same is true across Canada.

Here at home, the Liberal Party of Canada won the popular vote and more New Brunswickers than ever before voted for the Green Party of Canada — while also sending the province’s first-ever Green MP to Ottawa, in Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin.

We’re proud of New Brunswickers for turning away from parties with weak climate plans and instead voting with the science of climate change and the safety of their loved ones in mind. 

Together, we showed what can happen when concerned citizens follow the science, listen to their hearts, and demand action.

Now, it’s time for our new and re-elected Parliamentarians to work together to deliver the serious climate action that New Brunswickers and Canadians voted for.

Yesterday, we joined with organizations clear across the country — from the environmental, social, labour, health, Indigenous, faith and grassroots sectors — to call for unity and decisive action from Canada’s 43rd Parliament.

Canada has a history of landmark achievements under minority governments, like medicare and universal pension plans. By working together, we can ensure that the shift to cleaner energy becomes part of that list.

We’re calling, and counting, on MPs to:

  1. Listen to the scientists. Set climate targets aligned with the best available science and limit warming to 1.5C
  2. Create mechanisms to keep government accountable and on track
  3. Ensure a just transition for workers and communities
  4. Stop letting big oil define policy: no more subsidies, no further expansion, and reign in the disinformation campaigns paid for by the fossil fuel lobby.
  5. Fully implement UNDRIP. Respect free, prior, and informed consent.
  6. Lay out a framework to protect Canada’s freshwater
  7. Follow through on the commitment to ban unnecessary single-use plastics and make producers responsible for the waste they create.

 The next four years are crucial for responding to the climate crisis. You can help us amplify our message to Parliamentarians by adding your name to this demand using the form below.

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Together, we will hold this minority government accountable and achieve a healthier climate, healthier communities, thriving coastal fisheries, spray-free forests, and a fair shift away from the fossil-fuel economy.