World Water Day is an initiative of the United Nations to bring awareness to the importance of water resources and their sustainable management.  Since its inception in 1993, the project has gathered momentum and participants from all over the world, each inspired to educate and activate their communities through a variety of projects.

Since 2011, the UNB Art Centre has recognized World Water Day with a special exhibit or event that highlights the challenges that face society and the environment.

This year the UNB Art Centre presents Water Music:  For the Future of the Bay of Fundy, a benefit concert at 2:00 pm, March 22 in UNB’s Memorial Hall Auditorium.  The concert features music from New Maryland Elementary School Choir, Wulustukw Elementary School Drummers, Steven Peacock and Gerry VanWart, Pallmer, the Elm City Quartet, Jenna Albert, Fredericton’s Poet Laureate, Rebecca Salazar and more.

This concert is being held to assist the work of Matt Abbott, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s Fundy Baykeeper, in collaboration with the Fundy North Fishermen’s Association. Together they work to protect the Bay of Fundy by finding and removing lost fishing gear and other garbage on the sea-bottom.

Working on the water is challenging.  Unfortunately, fishing gear (traps, nets, rope) and equipment from other industries like aquaculture is sometimes lost, damaged, or in the worst cases abandoned. Once lost, this debris can ‘ghost-fish,’ entangling whales and other sea creatures. Lost gear and other plastic garbage impact the marine ecosystem and continue to litter the Bay of Fundy with an estimated 1 million pieces of plastic garbage.

Fortunately, the Fundy North Fisherman’s Association in partnership with the Conservation Council and many others, have been leading the way in working to keep the Bay of Fundy clean and healthy.

Water Music:  For the Future of the Bay of Fundy is an opportunity to help assist in the clean-up of our beloved Bay of Fundy.  It costs $800 a day to rent a boat with the appropriate equipment and trained individuals to do this retrieval work.   The concert is free but we encourage you to give generously to support this important work. Tax receipts will be provided by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick.

Why not start in our own our backyard?

For more information please contact Marie Maltais, Director of the UNB Art Centre at (506)453-4623 or mem@unb.ca

The UNB Art Centre is located at Memorial Hall, 9 Bailey Drive, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.  The galleries are open 9 am – 4 pm weekdays and during special events. The galleries will be open until 9pm on Thursdays.  Admission is free to members of the public. Everyone welcome!