The Great Tree Challenge! Nominate your great tree

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What’s your favourite tree? Atlantic Forestry Review and the Conservation Council of New Brunswick want to know.

It has been almost 30 years since the book, Great Trees of New Brunswick, was published. We think it’s time to work on another compilation that captures your pictures and stories of more of our native trees. Read David Palmer’s history of the book that has inspired today’s great tree challenge here.

My favourite tree is an old white pine tree on the road where I grew up. We call the tree, “the pine tree,” like it is the only pine tree in the forest. We would race on our mountain bikes to “the pine tree” and pick raspberries and watch for black bears at “the pine tree.” We still stare at its magnificent silhouette at sunset time.pinetreesunset-1

Your great tree could be old and huge or beautiful in its form or part of a remarkable story. Your great tree could also be a natural monument of admiration for having survived a clearcut or storm. You may already have that one great tree in mind or you may take this as a challenge to discover your one great tree.

Send the photo to us, along with the location of the tree, and any interesting history of the tree that you may have. Some trees are at their best in the fall or winter, so you may wish to wait for that best seasonal shot. Send your submissions and ideas to

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