New local food campaign has all you need to eat good, feel good

The new educational campaign ‘Why Local? Why Not?’ from the Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick (AANB) is here to bring fresh produce and appetizing recipes to your table!

AANB’s newly launched website provides all the information you need to buy local year-round. It includes a monthly calendar of what’s in season, recipes and meal ideas that feature New Brunswick-grown food and products. As well, you can find the Conservation Council’s very own BuyLocalNB map and directory as a navigational tool to help you find local farmers and producers.

The Conservation Council is very excited to be partnering on this sustainable initiative. The goal of this campaign is to educate New Brunswickers to become more aware of the benefits of local food. AANB wants to create awareness to ultimately change our buying and eating habits in  hopes of a greener New Brunswick for all.

So, why local? When you buy food grown and produced in New Brunswick, you are supporting the local economy by keeping money in the province. Buying local supports New Brunswick’s hard-working farmers, and reduces your overall carbon footprint, as your food doesn’t have to travel across the country to make it to your table.  

If we increase the demand for New Brunswick products, we can ensure that our farms and producers have a reason to produce more. It is time to change the perception of farming in New Brunswick, and get more young people interested in looking at agriculture as a sustainable profession of the future.

Take advantage of this easy-to-use tool, and learn about the local food options that are available near you!  

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