Federal government failing New Brunswickers by approving weak regulations: Comeau

Dr. Louise Comeau, our Director of Climate Change and Energy Solutions, is holding the federal government accountable for approving significantly weaker regulations for New Brunswick’s heavy industrial polluters than the federal government’s own carbon pricing system would allow.

Comeau was quoted in articles published by the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, CBC New Brunswick and CTV Atlantic. The federal government approved the weak pricing system proposed by the New Brunswick government on Sept. 21.

“The Government of Canada has let New Brunswickers down by approving weak regulations that let Irving Oil, NB Power and the province’s other heavy industrial polluters off the hook for taking serious climate action,” Comeau said. 

“Because of today’s approval, New Brunswick risks being unprepared for the deeper greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed to stave off the overheating of the planet”

Comeau also says the federal government’s benchmark assessment process is too weak and needs to be fixed no later than 2022. 

Read the Conservation Council’s full statement here.