Eco Hero Gala 2019 — Celebrate 50 years of environmental action in New Brunswick

2019 EcoHero Gala

The Milton F. Gregg Awards are back and bigger than ever!

After 50 years environmental action, we can think of no better way to celebrate than to honour the hard-working citizens who helped make our work possible over the years.

Our 50th Anniversary Eco Hero Awards Gala will take place on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 from 7 – 9:30 p.m. at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, 703 Queen St., Fredericton.

Please join us in celebrating our amazing natural heritage and the wonderful people, like you, who protect and restore it.

If you have questions, please contact

Tickets are $25 and include a catered reception with hors d'oeuvres and cash bar

The Milton F. Gregg Awards have been presented by the Conservation Council since 1981 to deserving individuals and organizations who have contributed to protecting New Brunswick’s environment. Milton F. Gregg, who was a founding member of the Conservation Council and had a particular concern for the health of the Wolastoq (St. John) River. Gregg served as federal cabinet minister, diplomat and Chancellor of the University of New Brunswick.

This year we’ve expanded the Milton F Gregg Awards in celebration of our 50th year of environmental action in New Brunswick.

Click here to see our full list of award categories!

  1. Milton F. Gregg Award  –  honoring one’s impact on the New Brunswick environment or lifetime achievement
  2. Beth McLaughlin Environmental Journalism Award – honoring in-depth and thoughtful coverage of environmental issues in New Brunswick
  3. Innovator Award – honoring one’s contribution to environmental/clean energy technology in New Brunswick
  4. Community Leadership Award – honoring of one’s contribution to their community (regional or provincial level)
  5. Movement Builder Award – honoring one’s contribution to building the NB environmental movement in its early days
  6. Youth Activist Award – honoring a person under 30 who has demonstrated a commitment to activism, education, leadership
  7. Local Food Champion Award – honoring one’s work in the the promotion of local agriculture, products and services
  8. Arts and the Environment Award – honoring one’s use of their art in the promotion environmental causes
  9. Indigenous Knowledge Award – honoring one’s promotion of traditional principles for building better relationships with the earth
  10. Fresh Eyes Award – honoring a newcomer to Canada who has seized opportunities to support the environmental movement
  11. Climate Change Award –  honoring one’s contribution towards pushing climate policy change and leading people to climate action
  12. Fresh Water Protector Award – honoring one’s work in sciences, aquatic animal protection, erosion control, community education, freshwater clean-up, etc…
  13. Marine Environments Protector Award honoring one’s work in marine sciences, marine animal protection, community fisheries, community education, ocean clean-up, etc…
  14. Forests Protector Award – honoring one’s work to promote community forests, more sustainable forestry practices, animal protection, etc…
  15. Outdoor Educator Award – honoring one’s work towards educating youth and adults to better understand New Brunswick ecosystems or develop a life-long love of being in nature
  16. Eco Builder Award – honoring of one’s work towards promoting energy efficiency, low carbon design and  local materials in New Brunswick
  17. Renewable Energy Award – honoring one’s work towards creating renewable energy training programs or community co-op projects, and promoting renewable as policy alternatives


We’ve created an option to let you purchase a ticket that will be donated to students interested in protecting the environment, who might not otherwise be able to attend this event.


We know that many of our supporters live outside of Fredericton and will want to stay in the City. If you need any help browsing hotels, this is a quick link to accommodations that are within a few kilometers of the Beaverbrook.


Please note: If you are registered and haven’t yet purchased a ticket, contact us at 506-458-8747 to confirm your payment. Ticket payments will also be accepted at the front door, however we ask that attendees pay in cash if possible.